Walleye Fishing Reels – Your Walleye Fishing Technique Selects Your Walleye Fishing Tackle

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Walleye fishing reels – Walleye Fishing Tackle For Success!

You will be selecting your walleye fishing reels based on what your walleye fishing technique. Anglers who regularly use several fishing techniques during a day of fishing often include in their walleye fishing tackle, three or four combo rod & reel outfits, each set up different with lures or live bait setups.

The following recommendations will help you chose the correct walleye fishing reel to go with your selected walleye fishing rod.

For good sensitivity and casting performance , your reel must balance with your rod. Make sure you match your walleye fishing lure, walleye fishing jig, and walleye fishing live bait weights with the correct line recommendation walleye fishing reel, and walleye fishing rod combination when setting up your walleye fishing rigs. For example, if you attempt to use a reel intended for 12 - to- 20 pound line with a rod designed for 4 to 8 pound test the outfit will be butt-heavy.If to much weight is present on the butt of the rod,casting becomes extremely difficult, and your wrist snap (which propels your lures and bait rigs when casting)will be severely limited. Also being over weight in the butt of your walleye fishing rod will dull the rods sensation when getting a bite. You need to have a great deal of sensation in your rod if you want to catch anything. One of the most important part of your walleye fishing tackle should be a matching rod and reel combinations for all your different walleye fishing techniques.

When selecting a Spinning reel, look for the following features:

#1 A rear Mounted drag.

#2 Make sure the reel has a skirted spool of adequate size to hold at least 100yards of line.

#3 A bail with strong spring tension. If the bail does not close all the way, the line will ride on the bail itself rather than on the roller. When you attempt to set the hook, the bail will open up enough to line come off of the spool. Some of the best spinning reels have a spring on each side of the bail.

#4 A free-turning bail roller. The roller must must turn when the line passes over, If it does not, heat and abrasion will damage the line and may wear a grove in the roller.

#5 Interchangeable spools. These spools snap into the reel, enabling you to quickly change to a different weight of line or type of line, or to replace a half empty spool with afull one.

If you are looking to add more options to your walleye fishing tackle, make sure when you pick a walleye fishing baiting casting reel you take a very close look at the backlash mechanism. The Backlash resistance is the most important feature of a bait casting reel. Bait casting reels are sometimes used as a walleye fishing reel for some fishing techniques, for example when trolling for walleye. The backlash mechanism should be made of a magnetic or centrifugal brake system to make sure you have a good backlash resistance. A high gear ratio is not a requirement for walleye fishing because fast retrieves are seldom needed. A gear ratio of 4:1 is usually adequate. Some bait bait casting reels also come with interchangeable spools.

Although most experienced walleye fisherman frown on spin casting gear, it remains a favorite among many anglers. If you purchase a spin casting reel make sure it has a smooth drag and a reliable line pickup mechanism. Unless the line is taut, the mechanism on a cheap spin cast reel often fails to pick up the line when you turn the handle.

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