Successful Bass Fishing - Some Tips To Ensure Success

by Abhishek Agarwal

Bass hunting is a very common and popular type of fishing. Majority of bass fishing are found in both freshwater and saltwater. They are also available through ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and creeks. Once you have the basics that regard to the conditions and locations where bass are most likely to be, then you stand a good chance when fishing for them.

Many factors influence the location of bass; this may include water conditions, weather, water levels, light and the availability food. These are some of the 3 major elements that have to be present in water body so that bass can survive; oxygen, food and cover.

The most favorite meal for bass is crawfish, they prefer this to shad. Basically, crawfish are normally available in large numbers and they are an easy catch for Bass. Despite of this, bass normally feed on almost anything ranging from mice, ducklings, rats, frogs, snakes, salamanders, lizards, worms, grub, the baitfish, the insects, and even leeches. This rare ability of the fish feast on almost anything is what makes majority of people to enjoy fishing bass.

Oxygen is the other key factor in locating the bass fish. The rule the old law here is that the cool the water temperature, the higher the content of oxygen. This means that suppose you are fishing in the summer, early fall, or spring, large bass are likely to drop down to the lower areas of the lake so as to find cooler and oxygen rich water. They are also more likely to swim to locate areas rich in vegetation so that they can locate better source of oxygen. Wind-blown banks, stumps, Trees, and powerplants are all excellent sources of oxygen that will attract the bass fish.

The bass fish depend on cover as a way of protection and means of ambush. Cover is very essential as part of bass survival. Basses are notoriously known as a lazy fish, this means that they hide and lay in wait for their victim to come. Another reason for cover is that because the bass fishes are devoid of eyelids and the cover is their way of preventing blindness. Some of the most commonplace area that bass seek for cover includes formulated wood structures such as docks, pilings and fabricated wood structures. They are known to hide beneath floating wood pieces decomposing wood. The second ideal location to fish for bass is in the weeds. Rocks are also a good place that bass seek for cover. But rocks are not that much dependable as weeds can be or wood, bass also enjoy feeding on decomposing pieces of wood within rocks. But because rocks do not yield oxygen, they are not that much reliable.

In fishing, each person has his own opinion, in most cases these opinions range from source to location. There are some bass fishing lures and baits which are much suggested for bass fishing because they could be very useful if you haven’t tried them. An example is the 7 inch colored Tequila worms with additional scent are recommended, and also Rebel wee-Rs. Hellgrammites are touted as the best of them all live baits, some people are of the opinion that you don’t necessarily require big baits to attract big basses. Most people will advice you to tie up to a bank, or locate a dock to get closer, but then this is an art that cost you many years to perfect.

Basses are well known for their slow movement and the absence of distance in their movement. That means that you could possibly sit thirty feet from the largest bass in your entire life and he won’t rush for your bait simply because of laziness. Locating the perfect spot is a big challenge and most fishing will therefore depend on sheer luck. The only thing you can control is locating the ideal spot that bass may be and be a bit patience. The weather is also an important factor in getting bass as well. Cloudy days maybe better that clear summers. But remember that overcast is always ideal for water temperatures, but then you may have to decide whether you are determined to sit throughout so as to catch bass. The determining factor when it comes to bass fishing is that you can only do your best with your available knowledge.

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