Put Together a Rainbow Trout Fishing Journey in Alaska

If you love rainbow trout fishing, Alaska is the place to go. The water is clear, the fish are jumping at your hooks and the scenery is absolutely stunning. However, prior to heading out on a major fishing expedition, please read on for some ideas and hints that will help your fishing trip go as smoothly as possible.

Know When to Go

Technically, rainbow trout fishing season in Alaska runs from mid June to the last day of October. But, as most anglers know, that doesn’t mean you can just stand in a river during that time and expect to catch a fish. You need to know where the fish are traveling and where they’ll be when you want to find them. For up-to-date information on trout travel, check with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

A Guide by Your Side

Having a guide is not only safe, but it’s also smart. This is a person who can help you find the best spots for fishing, assist in navigating the waters and river systems of Alaska and give you helpful tips and tricks on rainbow trout fishing. Alaska fishing guides and lodges are everywhere, but choosing the right one can be critical for your overall experience.

When choosing a guide, select one that provides all the tools and equipment that you’ll need on your trip (instead of lugging it on the plane). Also, inquire about the accommodations, food and experience level of the staff. Some recommended companies include Alaska NW Charters (yacht fishing charters), Alaska Outdoor Adventures, and Puffin Alaska Fishing Charters.

While researching prospective guides online is a great idea, you should always call the person or lodge and speak to them directly before you book. You’ll likely be committing several days in a boat with this individual, so you want to make sure you get a positive vibe and a sense that the person meshes with your fishing personality.

Acquire a Fishing License

Typically, most guides will either arrange your license for you or possess a blanket license that covers you as a passenger of their boats. If you’re not heading out with a guide who does this, you’ll need to purchase your own license from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. You can buy it online and should expect to pay $55 for a weeklong license or $145 for yearly access to the Alaskan waters.

In addition to obtaining a license, you must follow several other state rules and regulations regarding sport fishing. For example, you can’t sell fish that were caught by sport fishing, nor can you export them unless they’re properly prepared for transport. You’re also limited in the type of equipment you can use. To review these regulations, contact the Fish and Game office directly or check out their website.

Know What to Pack

Most guides will supply you with gear, including a rod and, if needed, waders. However, you should discuss this with your guide beforehand and ask for a packing list. Depending on the time of year and where in the state you’ll be situated, your packing needs will vary. When it comes to rainbow trout fishing, Alaska is the place to be, but you need to be prepared to maximize the experience.

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