Bill Dance Crappie Fishing Review

Bill Dance may be one of the most known fisherman in the world. He currently lives in the Memphis Tennessee area, but has been known for traveling all over the world.

He’s been fishing for literally all of his life. He is a member of the International Fishing Hall of Fame, and has won at least 23 nation bass titles, and has received 3 “Angler of The Year” awards.

While competing in tournaments and hosting his popular fishing show, he has also completed seven different books, at least 50 educational videos, and is a frequent writer for popular fishing magazines.

Perhaps he is most known for his popular fishing show “Bill Dance Outdoors”. You can see his fishing show on the Outdoors Like Network.

Bill Dance TV Show

His popular outdoors show can been seen four times a week on the outdoors life network. Reruns are also typically shown late at night for the night owls. The TV show has run since early 1968.

The show follows it’s host, Bill Dance, around the country showing his various fishing trips and adventures. Bill gets into many unique situations, which make for a great TV show. If you are planning a fishing trip to any major lake in the US, you may want to consider looking into older shows. By watching Bill him fish the waters, you may get a better idea of where the fish are biting, and what bait they are biting.

Bill Dance also often hosts others on his fishing trips, teaching them the ins and outs of fishing. Many stars take pride in saying that they were once on the Outdoors show.

One downfall to watching the show is it is targeted towards intermediate or advanced fisherman. Bill quickly runs through each catch quickly, leaving little explanation for the new fisherman.

Outdoors Video Reviews

“Excellent video showing everything about crappie fishing. The action shots of fish being caught are great, awesome camera work.”

- Tommy Wade, Lake Fork, Texas

“First class camera work with tons of action with Dance catching crappies in every conceivable way in all kinds of situations. Shows you how to use your boat to catch ‘em.”

- Richard Hill, Lake Geneva, Alabama

“Reviews the tackle associated with the species, all aspects of the trade of going after crappies. This video is nice and long, not a 30-minute short. This one gets the rare 5-stars. It’s one of those you will watch over and over again.”

-Trevor Daiken, Miami, Florida

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