Red Fishing Tips For The Atlantic Ocean

Fishing is one of America’s favorite pastimes and the red drum is one of the most sought after species of fish around. The red drum is also referred to as red, redfish, channel bass and puppy drum. This remarkable game fish is located all along the Atlantic Ocean and around the Gulf of Mexico. They can be found inshore but as the red fish grow they will migrate further offshore and join some of the other larger species of fish.

Red fish have a copper bronze body but they can appear lighter in clear water. They have at least one spot near the base of their tail but usually there are several spots in this area. Red fish are described as having large scales, a horizontal mouth and a chin without barbells. They have a life expectancy of about twenty years. They are a strong species of fish that can give you quite a battle.

Catching red drum can be very exciting and with a few great fishing tips you can enjoy all it has to offer. The red drum that you run across out in the open waters will be easier to catch than the ones you will find in the marshes.

Therefore, you need to know a few tricks to be successful in these areas. The red fish are right at home here and take advantage of the extra cover. Here is some information to help you get the most from fishing for red fish in marshes.

Fishing in Marshes

Red fish spend a lot of time in marsh areas and if you know the best way to locate and catch them, you can come home with a great catch. Therefore, when fishing in the marshes the tips below can help you be more successful.

Try to fish in the water that is one and a half feet deep or less whenever possible. When you get into deeper water in the mashes it’s harder to catch the reds because there are so many places for them to hide undercover.

Follow the tide deeper into the marshes and there you will find an abundant number of reds. As the tide moves in it floods the shoreline and small ponds where baitfish are numerous. The reds move in to feed and you can enjoy some nice fishing opportunities.

When the tide moves back out, your time is best spent fishing around the edges of creeks and waterways.

Tread very slowly through the waters using a push pole so you don’t scare the reds away and this will give you the chance to thoroughly search for the fish.

Redfish are normally abundant in the mashes and these tips can help you catch more fish in these areas and turn each of your fishing trips into a successful one.

Basic Information

The more you know about redfish, their habitat and how they feed the more productive you will be when fishing for them. Red fish will spook very easily so the first thing that you need to know is to always be as quiet as possible. The clearer the water the more careful you will need to be so you don’t scare them away. Turn off your motor as soon as you are within 80 to 100 yards of an area where you think the red fish may be and let your boat drift into the vicinity of the fish.

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