Hire a Fly Fishing Guide

If you have not taken the class for fly fishing and have not experience fly fishing, I advise you to choose a guide. A good guide will offer you lots of help, and you can learn much knowledge from him. This article will teach you how to choose a good guide.


Check your local fly shop for recommendations on guides. Not only will this connect you with fishers specific to the areas you want to fish, but many guides work out of local fly shops and get clients through their referrals. But book early; if you wait, you may end up with whomever the fly shop can muster at the last minute.


Decide if you want to do walk-and-wade fishing without a boat, or if you want to try out fishing on a drift boat. This may point you in the direction of one guide over another.


Ask what skill level the guide specializes in, and match your skills appropriately.


Determine what the guide’s price covers. Things to consider when evaluating the price are: What equipment is included; are there extra charges for flies; what gear should you to bring; how long will you actually spend on the water; is there a fee for use of private water; is lunch included and does it cover a shuttle to the fishing site?


Ask how many fishers the fee covers and how much it is to add another person. See if you can partner with a fisher of similar ability. Sometimes adding on an additional fisher and splitting the trip that way is cheaper than going alone.


Choose someone who is not going to fish while you are, but who is going to help you fish. The best way to learn is to do it, not watch someone else do it for you.

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