General Fishing Tips

Here are some general fishing tips that we hope you will find useful. Remember, when it comes to fishing, learning from the tips of others and their experiences is essential in becoming a pro angler. Always allow your general knowledge of the sport to grow and you can only prosper from it.

Try to use Attractor Beads, Luminous Tube, and flashy things on your rig near the hook to help attract fish to your bait. If you know that snapper or other large bitey fish are being caught in your area at the time, use strong rigs and put some protective tubing on your trace near the hook to help avoid being bitten off. When going out on your fishing trip, take a variety of bait with you. Usually pilchards, bonito, trevally and mackerel work well. Autumn is a great time of year to get out and go fishing. The fish are in much closer, the weather is more settled and the fish are hungry. Make sure you have no scratches or nicks on your guides by rubbing a cotton bud around and inside your guides. A tip from the experts: use a new rig every time you go on a fishing expedition. A great tip for trout fishing is to put powerbait on your hook, and then dip it in garlic oil for a few seconds before you cast it. On smaller plugs the middle hook is sometimes too small to do a good job so try replacing the middle hook with another one a size or two larger. Keep a fishing journal and record the day’s temperature and how well you did at what spot. Spring is the best time of year to go bass fishing, when fish move into shallow water to spawn. After a cold front passes, go fishing under a dock. The underwater structure will provide safety for the fish, and that’s where they hide. After heavy rain, most streams and rivers turn muddy. At that point, head to the nearest dam. Water flowing over the dam is usually clear water and the fishing there may save an otherwise dismal day.

Fishing Tips

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