Fishing Tips: Bass Fishing

ost common types of fishing is bass fishing. Bass can be found in ponds, lakes, streams, and reservoirs. In this article we will talk about a few fishing tips in understanding the conditions in places where bass are likely to be found. There are three main elements that must be present in the water for bass to survive. These three are food, oxygen, and cover. These variables can change including the water conditions, the water levels, the weather, and the food available for them.

Bass primarily feed on crawfish. These are easier for them to catch and are generally more available where bass are at.

However they could eat anything including mice, frogs, worms, salamanders, insects, leeches, and much more. Because they feed on such a wide variety of food it’s much easier to find them which are why people enjoy bass fishing so much.

A basic rule of thumb to follow it is that the cooler the water the more oxygen available. Oxygen is a major thing for finding bass fish. So if you’re fishing in the spring, summer, or early fall you will find larger bass will go lower where it is cooler and more oxygen filled water.

They will also go to areas that are concentrated in vegetation to find more oxygen as well. Oxygen can be found in plants, trees, stumps, and so on, which is a good place to find bass fish.

Cover is another important element of protection for bass. Since they are a fairly lazy fish they wait for their food come to them.

An interesting fact is bass do not have eyelids so they use cover to protect blindness. You can also find bass in covered areas such as fence rows pilings, docks, pieces of wood or decaying wood. You can even find bass in weeds or under rocks if they’re looking for additional cover.

Everyone has their own opinion on what is the best way to fish and bass fishing is no different. It is been proven that certain lures and baits such as Tequila 7 inch worms with an added scent work well for catching bass. For light bait Hellgrammites are particularly effective.

One final fishing tip we want to offer on bass fishing is bass are particularly lazy. You are going to have to go after them if you expect to catch them. You can have your bait no more than 10 yards from a bass and they will not swim to get it.

These are few fishing tips as it pertains to bass fishing. You will have to work at it and create your own luck if you expect to be successful catching bass fish.

by William Hutchinson

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