Canadian Walleye Fishing Tips

The first thing you want to know about Canadian walleye fishing tips is pertaining to spring fishing right after the spawn. If the lake still has ice covering, the walleye are going to stay in the shallower waters right after spawning. This usually lasts for up to three weeks after spawning. It is possible to catch walleye in about four feet of water. The best time to fish in Canada is in spring during the warmest time of the day. Otherwise, you can do some fishing at dusk. The walleye are active during the day when the water temperature is warmer.

If you are going to fish for walleye in Canada, you want to use the right bait, rod and reel as well line. You want a six-foot rod that is sensitive and can cast the bait that is lightweight further distances. You need a sensitive tip to feel the bite. Use a test line of four to six pounds with a sixteenth ounce jig. You need to get down about fifteen feet in the warmer water temperatures. Keeping these tips in mind during the spring months will help the angler get some fine tasting walleye.

Most of the time in the spring months, live bait such as minnows work well, but experienced anglers say that after the spawning jigging is going to work the best. You can try some artificial lures, but you want to have a jig along because you may find yourself changing strategies. The walleye are hungry and looking for food. Try fishing near new weed beds that are starting to emerge from the waters. The weed beds are were the lighter jig is going to work the best. If you are still fishing in later months of spring, you can try artificial lures on cloudy and windy days.

The walleye seem to spook easily and if you are using a boat, you want to stay about twenty-five feet away from their location and drift into the area. Motors will spook them and they will leave even if you have a good presentation. You will want to turn off the motor and drop your anchor to keep you in the general area while drifting towards the walleye. If the winds are strong, you might have to start drifting ahead of the walleye location to effectively reach your designated area without over shooting it.

The best Canadian walleye fishing tip is the one that leads to the prefect area for walleye fishing. There are about ten great locations in Nakina, Canada for walleye fishing. These fly in lakes that offer some of the finest fishing around Canada. Abamasagi, Esser, Farrel, Little Stone, Patience, Poverty, Queenston and Relief Lakes are known for having some nice sized walleyes for the catching. This is just one area of Canada that has the best walleye fishing available. It seems like anywhere in Canada is good for fishing. The waters are clean and the fish are healthy. You will fine big walleye as well as medium sized fish.

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