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No one really knows the history of walleye in Montana, but the news is getting out fast. Montana has some great areas for walleye fishing. The hotspot is Fort Peck Reservoir. The other area that you find anglers looking for walleyes is Bighorn Lake. Some even take in a June day at Canyon Ferry Reservoir. There is a little fact that most anglers have never heard, but the oldest walleye taken from the Fort Peck was said to be about eighteen years of age. In Montana, if the water temperatures are cold, you want to use a jig. Everyone knows that walleye are slower in cold waters therefore the jig works great.

When the water temperature warms up, you will want to switch to a crawler harness and a spinner or the crank bait for trolling. Anything that moves in the Montana waters is an attraction for walleye to seek and strike. If you ask some of the anglers in the area, they are going to tell you that you do not need an expensive rod and reel to hook a walleye. Of course, the more expensive rods will allow you to feel the movement of the line as the walleye inhales the bait.

The spinners and colors attracting Montana walleyes are silver, blue and chartreuse. Some anglers are even using bubble gum or watermelon colors. They are fishing from boats and off the shore. Wading and casting is best done in the rivers while boat fishing is the preferred way to fish the Montana lakes. The reservoirs you will be fishing in are huge, so your boat size might matter since most of the boats are going to large. Now for a list of all the other reservoirs in Montana that are considered hotspots for walleye fishing.

When fishing at Brighton Lake, you will want to use a jig by the steeper banks or do some trolling with crank bait. The Cooney Reservoir is a stocked fishing ground with some record setting fish being caught. In the later part of fall into the winter months, are perfect times to fish for walleye at Yellowstone River. Anywhere downstream from Hysham is a great area. Now, as mentioned before, Fort Peck Reservoir is the leader in Montana walleye fishing.

The only thing about fishing here is that you do need a good size boat to stay safe. You will fish the upper parts of the reservoir near Big Dry Arm around the early summer months, but more so by the dams during the middle of summer. The best time to fish walleye at Nelson Reservoir is during the month of June. Now, the Missouri River just about Fort Peck is a great place for walleye fishing after the ice disappears. If you like winter ice fishing for walleye, this is the place to be. Although the Tongue River Reservoir is known for bass and crappies, walleye fishing is also known to be good. The Fresno Reservoir by the Milk River has some nice sized walleyes coming from the area. Even though it has seen times of drought, the walleye are still hardy in the lake.

If you find yourself thinking about a fishing trip to Montana for walleye fishing, you will find more walleye in Fort Peck Lake than anywhere else in Montana. The over abundance of walleye is an almost sure bet that you are going to walk away with the daily catch limit. Although you need to be careful on this lake and use a good-sized boat, you will have not trouble trolling or sitting in one place to catch a walleye.

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