Crappie Fishing on The Lake of the Woods

Any angler that has ever had the pleasure of crappie ice fishing at the Lake of the Woods in Ontario will tell you that it is a wonderful experience. It is full of all sorts of fun and excitement that makes it an adventure you will never forget. This area is full of many different species but if you are a fan of fishing for crappie, you are definitely in luck.

The first thing that you should know about the Lake of the Woods is that many different kinds of species can be found in different areas of the lake. The surface area of this lake covers about one million acres and has over fourteen thousand islands. There are countless natural structures where the fish can thrive. Therefore, if you are not familiar with the lake it may be to your advantage to enlist the help of a guide. For safety reasons it is always advised that you do not go crappie ice fishing alone so take a friend for company and to ensure your safety.

You will also find many excellent places where you can stay while on your trip when you are just visiting. Some of the lodges even offer guided fishing trips for your enjoyment. One of the best areas to go ice crappie fishing at Lake of the Woods would be at the Sabaskong Bay. Here you will find the crappie suspended over the deeper parts of the water and will experience some great fishing opportunities.

When crappie ice fishing at Lake of the Woods you will have the opportunity to reel in that trophy fish you have always wanted to catch. In fact, many of the fishing shows that you view on television are shot in this area because of the possibilities of catching such large fish from every species. It is truly a remarkable place to visit if you love fishing.

Useful Information about Crappies

If you are at all familiar with crappie fishing you know that they do swim together in large schools. This is good news for the angler because even though they may be a little difficult to find, once you know where they are you will find plenty of them in the same area. It is possible to catch your limit from one school of crappie.

The best way to find the crappie under the ice is with a fish finder. These devices work very well for locating crappie because they do swim in schools and so they are easy to pick up. If you want to have the most success possible when you are Lake of the Woods crappie ice fishing, then you really should invest in this type of device because the crappie will not respond if you do not present your bait to them correctly.

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